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Expect the best treatment for your pet when you leave them with us in our dog kennels.

Luxury dog boarding your pet will love

Best In Class Services

With our luxury dog boarding services, we provide premium fresh food that is appropriate for their size and age group, along with fun and friendship in your absence. If your pet is on a prescribed diet or medication, you’ll need to supply it as well. Lastly, all our kennels are in a low risk tick area for your pet’s safety.

Your Dogs Will Never Go Hungry

As a general rule, canines are fed twice a day breakfast and dinner while puppies have three meals a day.

Exercise So Your Dog Stays Healthy Your dog will get enough exercise at our facility depending on their needs and health.

We believe that exercise is a necessity for every animal. They also have different energy levels. We will determine how much exercise your pet will need at no extra cost while staying at our boarding kennels.

As a general rule, We exercise the dogs outside in the morning and late afternoon or in-between showers on rainy days. Exercising is done in tune with seasons, ensuring that they avoid the midday heat or enjoy a sunny gap in winter. If your pet is sociable, we’ll place them in a group of like-minded canines. If your pet is unsociable, we’ll make sure he/she exercises alone.


For the peak season, a non- refundable deposit of $50 per pet is required upon booking (this deposit is non-refundable ONLY if a cancellation is made, otherwise it will go towards the fee of boarding your pet). This applies to dogs and cats.

Why must your dog be over 18 weeks?

Your pet must be a minimum of 18 weeks old to stay at our dog boarding kennels in Sydney to ensure all animals are fully covered with their vaccinations.

Dog Boarding Cost

Cost for boarding your dog


Off-peak season prices (dogs):

Small Dogs – $26 per day Medium Dogs – $29 per day Large Dogs – $33 per day Giant Size Dogs – $39 per day

High season prices (dogs):

Small Dogs – $39 per day Medium Dogs – $44 per day Large Dogs – $49 per day Giant Size Dogs – $66 per day


Small Dogs – $46 per day Medium Dogs – $52 per day Large Dogs – $66 per day Giant Size Dogs – $78 per day viewbutt

Extremely spacious kennels for comfort

All our boarding kennels have full brick partitions. with no risk or the possibility of injuries at all. There are no wire partitions between our kennels. This can cause serious injury when dogs try to reach each other; a situation we avoid at all times.

Medical conditions

If your pet has an on-going medical condition, we can administer medications such as tablets, eye drops, creams or supplements at no extra cost. (Excluding Insulin) Please ensure that you supply all the medication needed for the duration of your pet’s stay, as well as a few extra just in case you are delayed.

Dog Clipping & Grooming

Have your pet pets fully groomed before they returns home to you. A convenient service which includes:

• Dog Clipping & Grooming

• Flea Treatment

• Shampoo / Blow Dry

• Deodorise

• Nails clipped / Ears cleaned

• Microchipping

Over 20 years of experience. Your pet is always welcome back anytime for this service.

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If you’re interested in sending your dog or cat on a little holiday, there’s no better place to do it than at our luxury dog boarding kennels in Sydney. Take a look at our facilities today or call us on 1300 651 794 for more information.

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quotesAlways feel at ease when I drop Tia off. We know the team take excellent care of her and wouldn’t send her anywhere else. We’ve known Lee & Fiona for over 10 years & highly recommend them.


quotesWe are very happy how she was here. She looks very happy, Thank you for taking care of her! Very professional & reliable. We’ll come back for our next holidays


quotesCouldn’t think of any better place to leave our dearest “Buddy” for our trip overseas. Thank You so much for your ongoing support, we are certain he’ll enjoy his stay again here. Thank You!!!