The Best Boarding for Blacktown Based Pets

At Sydney Dog and Cat Boarding, we are committed to providing pets with a comfortable, enjoyable and safe home away from home. Our boarding kennels are located less than 30 minutes from Blacktown, and operated by a dedicated, professional team of pet-care experts and animal lovers, we offer luxury pet boarding at affordable prices.

We Run Boarding Kennels with a Difference

When you choose to leave your cat or dog with us, you can rest easy knowing that we specialise our care to suit the needs of each individual pet that is boarding with us. No two dogs or cats are the same, and we take the particular needs of your pet into consideration when delivering every aspect of their care.

Our dog boarding kennels are spacious and properly insulated to ensure their comfort at all times, and we take your dog’s energy levels and their comfort in socialising into consideration at all times.

Our cat boarding facilities ensure they have plenty of room to move about and have their own scratch posts, toys and plush bedding to ensure total comfort. Because cats are generally homebodies who dislike changes in their routine, we endeavour to follow their regular feeding times as closely as possible.

Visit our gallery to see some of the pets we’ve cared for.

Door to Door, from Blacktown and Back Again 

As well as our luxury pet boarding, we offer convenient extras including a door-to-door pet shuttle service so no matter whether you’re in Ryde, Vaucluse or Chatswood, you can maximise your packing or traveling time. We can also provide dog clipping and grooming services, including flea treatment, ear cleaning and microchipping

If your pet is on medication for an ongoing medical condition, we can administer most forms of supplied medication at no extra cost (excluding insulin).

It’s no small matter to hand over responsibility of your furry friend. We take our jobs very seriously, and endeavour to ensure that when you book your dog or cat in for a stay at Sydney Dog and Cat Boarding, they will be happy and healthy when they’re returned to you.

To make a booking, reach us via phone on 1300 651 794 or contact us online.